New Wheels, New Goals

barbell-crossfitLast week now seems a blur. So much going on. I did another two-a-day and it was especially brutal. The first workout was a Hero WOD and in the second we did Isabel, Elizabeth, and Grace back to back. Whew!! The backs of my legs were torched and then I made it even worse by doing an Olympic lifting class on Saturday morning. As of this morning my legs were still very, very sore. Luckily the workout today was mostly arms but I spent some time rolling my legs out afterwards just the same.

Thursday afternoon hubby and I went out for a sushi lunch and on the way home our 14 year old car started acting up. I guess the Law of Attraction bit me in the behind because I had just blogged about how my car was going to die soon and then magically it comes to pass. It was a goal to buy a new car this year but I was hoping it would be the END of the year, when I had manifested enough money to get the car I want with cash or close to it. We haven’t had a car payment in six years.

Anyway we drove to the corner used car lot…literally just around the corner because we weren’t sure how much further our car would go, so there goes comparison shopping! Hubby researched every car the lot had online beforehand so we knew going in what we wanted. It was between a VW diesel and a PT Cruiser and the first car was out for service so we got the Cruiser. The entire experience was awesome and the universe just lined it all up for us.

We got a beautiful car with decent mileage and I absolutely adore it already. I have always had a thing for PT Cruisers though. It is champagne colored with chrome accents and the interior is all leather, two contrasting shades. Bonuses include a sun roof and heated seats. It is already soooo nice to have seats that are toasty warm when the temperature outside is 10 degrees! We were also able to get a top tier loan as well with a super low interest rate so our payments were low enough to justify adding on a three year warranty. Even though the car is used we will not have to worry about it breaking down for while.

Okay I am just thrilled to be driving something nice. Our old car may have been paid for but it was pretty ugly with a crushed back bumper (thanks to hubby), torn carpet, stains galore, no A/C, and heat that only worked on full blast. Every day it is a small thrill to get in and drive. :)

Hubby beat me during our WOD again today….this is becoming a habit so I guess I need to step it up eh? He is actually going to compete in April so he is really amping it up for that and it is totally working! My goal for now is too work on my pullups and get those squared away finally. It is just silly that I cannot do pullups yet. I also need to practice with my jump rope more often and I think I need one designed for CrossFit instead of the bulky rope I currently have.


20 wall squats
max ring rows
max pushups
20 hand to hand KB swings
10 OH LB lunges
20 ring knee tucks
20 hollow rocks

Test: Max strict pullups (1) and max situps in 1:00 (37)

WOD : 6 rounds for time

21 KB Swings (35 lbs)
15 Ring Pushups
9 Calorie Row

Time: 17:42


Breakfast: Eggs  / Nut Bar / Coconut Milk Yogurt
Lunch: Protein Shake /Dried Apricots
Dinner: Beef Stew w/veggies



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