My First Two-A-Day

CFNA rowersFor a couple weeks now my husband has expressed a desire to start adding a two-a-day to our week, meaning we do two CrossFit workouts/classes in the same day, either back to back or separated by a couple hours. Well, when I was in Detroit for the auto show earlier this week he decided to try it on his own. Today, we did our first together and I think Thursday will become our standard two-a-day, doing a regular workout first and then staying for the Olympic lifting class afterwards. It was really fun but I am quite stiff and sore now. :)

The first workout was a team effort but I was slightly disappointed in our time (51:20). There were two people I didn’t know on the team, which is all fine and dandy but because I didn’t know them or their abilities it was hard for us to formulate a plan and an order to go in. My husband and I were the strongest rowers so a slight change to the lineup would have made a big difference in this workout. I should have been rowing while he was doing the bar hang (another strength for him) so I would have more time on the rower. Still it was fun to work as a team! So often we are doing the workouts solo or our partner is our judge. A real team workout was nice even if I despise any workout with a max bar hang let alone 10+ max bar hangs. 😉

Workout #1“Mount Up” 10K Row/Team of 4 – Rotate when someone fails

Person 1: Row
Person 2: KB swings
Person 3: High Plank
Person 4: Max Bar Hang

Score: 51:20

Workout #2

Warmup: 10 minutes

10 Goblet Squats
10 deadlifts
2 power cleans/push press
20 Spidey Lunges
1:00 elbow squash

Skill/Strength: Find 1RM front squat (135 lbs)

WOD: 3 rounds of 5 minutes EMOM with 1:00 rest between rounds

2 Squat Clean Thrusters (35, 55, 65 lbs)

Breakfast: Eggs  / Ribeye Steak  / Kombucha
Lunch: Skillet Steak  / Berry Smoothie
Dinner: Ribeye Steak  / Nuts

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