First Day of the Whole30

Today I started the Whole30 plan. I am already primal but I am going to try strict paleo (no dairy) and do the Whole30 and stay off any sort of sugar for 30 days. We shall see how it goes…I was pretty grumpy today!

Did a 5:00 PM workout tonight which is unusual for me. I usually only workout on weekdays and only in the morning. I missed two days this week though. Gotta make it up! Yesterday (Saturday) I went to an Olympic lifting focus class and spent 20 minutes on snatches and 20 minutes on the clean and jerk. I REALLY need that snatch practice and plan to hit this class every week. Today was just straight CrossFit and the class was HUGE. We were broken up into teams of 8 for the two WODs and I was the only chick on my team. I kept up though!

Warmup: 10 minutes, split with partner

500 meter row
50 squats
50 stiff leg press (40lbs)
50 KB deadlifts (88 lbs)
50 ring dips

Skill: Teams of 4, rotate when someone fails: L hold on parallettes, hollow hold, squat hold, 25lb OH plate hold

5 minute rest

WOD #1: 10 minutes AMRAP – 200 meter row (inclined) and 10 burpees

5 minute rest

WOD #2: 10 minutes AMRAP – Farmer carry bumper plates (30 lbs), 10 KB swings (33 lb bell), 5 pullups.



Breakfast: Eggs w/Ghee / Ham Steak / Bowl of Cherries
Lunch: Apple w/Almond Butter / Steak
Dinner: Paleo Chili / Olives

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