CrossFit = Loads of Fun

Black iron kettlebellsHad another great today. I literally bounded out of bed to get ready for the gym which is kinda unusual for me but it was one of my “favorite trainer” days. My seven year old son was not so enthused though and told me he “doesn’t feel like going to the gym today.” Ha! I bribed talked him into it.

We did a 15 minute AMRAP workout called “Fun”, which we have done before and I increased my reps by 31. We also did a 500 meter row test and I shaved 5 seconds off my time.  Booyah! I love seeing that improvement!! My rock star husband bettered his time too, got 1:36 on his row. Youch! I cannot even imagine.

For the strength portion, which was 5 rounds, I did all but the first round using a box to modify my pushups. I did nearly a hundred strict pushups in yesterday’s WOD so I was a-okay with modifying today.

I was all ready to call tomorrow a rest day but then I overheard the aforementioned favorite trainer saying he would be taking over tomorrow’s classes so I think I will have to make an appearance after all. With Saturday’s Olympic Lifting class that will make 6 days in a row but I will be taking three days off next week to fly to Detroit for the big auto show. Think I will hit the sack early tonight!


20 side twist lunges
2:00 banded hammies
20 squats
5 T2B
20 situps
2:00 wall couch
20 up and down planks

Test: 500 meter row for time (1:56)

Strength: 5 rounds of 10 pushups and 10 v-ups

WOD : 15 minutes AMRAP (26/lb bell)

10 KB Swings
15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
5 Goblet Squats

Score: 10 rounds +19 or 319


Breakfast: Eggs  / Coconut Water  / Krispy Kreme Red Velvet Doughnut (oops!)
Lunch: Ribeye Steak  / Orange Pellagrino
Dinner: Ribeye Steak  / Organic snack bar

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