Back After Illness With Bruises to Prove It

I ended up getting the cold late last week that cycled through all my kids. I managed to fight it off for a while but finally succumbed and ended up taking almost a week off from CrossFit classes. Ugh! Taking time off typically messes with my head. I start to think that maybe I am not up to the challenge anymore…I have gotten soft or something. This time though that didn’t happen. If anything I was a bit cocky, especially since I am not 100% yet. The result…lots of bruises on my legs.

The worst of it happened because we were trying to find our max height for the box jump. I went too high and biffed. It happens. Missing starts to mess with you though because I missed the next one too (at a lower height) and then missed a third one I had already nailed. I had to remove the weights and kinda start over to get my confidence back. CrossFit is really as much a mental game as a physical one. There is also no really good way to  avoid injury when you miss a box jump either. Whether it be your knees or your shins…something is probably gonna get rubbed the wrong way, literally. The last bruise (lucky 4) I got during the WOD , which had lots of box jumps. You cannot get lazy on form with box jumps even if you are dog tired (which I was) and yet I did (get lazy that is). I ended up sprawled across the box during one of my jumps. The poor trainer probably got an ulcer watching me fall all over the place. I am always at my most graceful in this particular trainer’s class too. It was during a box jump WOD in his class that I jumped off a box, landed on a medball, rolled and fell, and twisted my ankle on the way down. :)

Hubby did awesome on his box jumps. He was just shy of 44 inches for his max and I think for the first time he bested me in the WOD. Of course I am still recovering from a cold. 😉

Warmup: 2 rounds

D&B Inch Worm
D&B Side Lunges
20 calf jumps
10 OH Squats with PVC pipe
5 Dynamic Burpees

Skill/Strength: Find max height for box jump (mine was 29 inches). After each increase in height do 5 floor presses (weight of your own choosing). I did 85 pounds and did 25 or so reps I think.

WOD: 7 minute AMRAP

7 burpees
1 Box jump (20″)
1 Burpee
7 Box jumps


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs / Dark Chocolate Coconut Water
Lunch: Lamb
Dinner: Pork Shoulder and Sauerkraut


  1. You are using lingo I don’t understand. You need a category explaining, burpee, WOD, box jumps, Dynamic burpees, and etc.?

    Glad to hear you were feeling good enough to get back to CrossFit.


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