Conquering Double Unders!!!

Woman jump rope double undersDouble unders are understandably a source of great frustration for many newcomers to CrossFit. A double under = the rope goes under your feet twice with every jump. It is mostly about technique for many and it just doesn’t come that easily. They have been especially frustrating to me because I have been doing CrossFit for well over a year. Yet the level one classes at my gym did not practice double unders very often. In one year’s time I did them exactly twice and I was going 5-6 days a week. Then the open came around and we were expected to do double unders after having never worked on them. I think that kinda clued people in to the need to have them make an appearance in class all year long. I was able to do double unders during the open but only one at a time. It took me 4 minutes to get 20 double unders. Ouch!

Fast forward a couple months and we now do double unders with regularity but I have still been struggling. I overheard one of the women in class talking about how she can do double-single, double-single and so I started working on that. Surprisingly I picked it up right away and was thrilled that I could use this formula to get through double under workouts faster. But this shortcut wasn’t really helping me get unbroken double unders so I decided to stop doing that and just work on strict double unders no matter how ugly they looked and how long they took me. I also watched this video a few times, which explains that whether you are doing a single or a double your jump is the same. So if you can do a single then you should be able to do a double. Err…okay. Let’s just nut up and keep practicing this then… and it finally paid off!!!

Last week I did three unbroken double unders and was so excited I texted my husband about it, LOL. Tonight we had two 1:00 double under practice sessions before the WOD on the first I did another three unbroken. On the second I did six. Then during the WOD I did six rounds of ten and did almost all of them unbroken!! I guess it finally clicked. Woot! Of course they still need some work, I am bending my knees to much and striking the ground to hard (my shins kinda hurt now) but I made double unders my bitch yo!!!

WOD : 10 minute AMRAP

10 Double unders
25 Lunges (walking)
5 Toes to bar

Score is complete rounds: I did 6

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